Episode 34 – Paleofantasy with Marlene Zuk

Episode 34 - Paleofantasy with Marlene Zuk


Marlene Zuk image from a presentation at a Ted Talk. The backgrownd i black. The imagee also includes an ant.
Marlene Zuk presenting a TED Talk.

For this episode, Greg and Mike Zoomed with Marlene Zuk to ask her some pointed questions about her book Paleofantasy:  What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet, and How We Live.

We didn’t ask what she had for breakfast, nor what she suggests that we have for breakfast, because that isn’t the point of the book.  Zuk wrote about the complexity of evolutionary development and that it’s not necessarily so that modern people can look to the past to build our menus, our patterns of relationships, nor what we do for exercise.  We don’t need to be stuck in the past, since evolution doesn’t teach that we should.  Evolution doesn’t stop, so why should we?

As usual, the conversation touched on concepts that both Greg and Marlene developed during their field research. Even the Bing Chat AI made a contribution.  Not a great one, but then it’s just a bot.

Marlene will return to give us inside baseball on her most recent book Dancing Cockatoos and the Dancing Cockatoos and the Dead Man’s Test: How Behavior Evolves and Why It Matters.

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