Episode 33 – Laurent Penet Returns to Ikonokast

Episode 33 - Laurent Penet Returns to Ikonokast
Laurent Penet, PHD
Our Guest

It’s been a few months since our most recent podcast, but we are happy to see that our listeners are still tuning in.   Greg Laden and Mike Haubrich welcome the return of Laurent Penet to the show.  Listen in for some great info on his study of fruit trees, fungi and the spores from Ivory Coast, and folk medicine.

Here are some links that he shared for more information:


Tropical Fruit Tree Species and Climate Change

Diversity is the best thing about fruits and vegetables

Fruits tropicaux (Fr)

Agro-Forestry (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Medicinal plant knowledge in Caribbean Basin: a comparative study of Afrocaribbean, Amerindian and Mestizo communities

Wikipedia Entry on Colletotrichum

Sand Mist and Cyclones




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