Ikonokast is the podcast run by Greg Laden and Mike Haubrich.

Finding the Podcast

Ikonokast is available as a podcast through iTunes or any other Podcast App or podcatcher site.  Search for “Ikonokast” or simply add the url for Podcast One into the search function.  You will get notifications as each new episode is uploaded.

Happy Listening!


Greg Laden in the Field.

Greg Laden is an American biological anthropologist and science writer.

Laden obtained his Masters and PhD at Harvard, his research focusing on Hunter-Gatherer Studies and African Archaeology . Prior to that, Laden worked in North American Historic and Prehistoric Archaeology, mainly in New York and New England. He has taught at Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, Boston University, and Century College.[4] In 1999, when he was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota, he co-authored a study in Current Anthropology that explored t he origin of the controlled use of fire and cooking.  He is also author of the idea that the human and chimpanzee lineage split over differences in fallback foods, chimps preferring leaves and pith, with human ancestors taking a liking to roots and other plant underground storage organs.

Laden writes for a wide range of outlets but mainly at “Greg Laden’s Blog”, on ScienceBlogs, where he focuses on climate change, human evolution,  creationism, science education, and OpenSource technologies.  

La Brea Tarpits
In the museum at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

Michael Ronald “Mike” Haubrich was a host and producer of the radio show Atheists Talk.  He has no credentials in science, as such, but has participated in research activities such as seti@home and the one about proteome folding.

As producer of the radio show, he wanted to provide a variety of topics in addition to atheistic notions of religion and when he needed an interviewer for a science topic he collaborated with Greg.