Episode 35 – Is Nuclear Power Green Energy?

Episode 35 - Is Nuclear Power Green Energy?
Nuclear cooling towers in a laconic Yorkshire setting - green grass and blue sky.
Nuclear power plant in England.

There’s a push to remove the moratorium in Minnesota against developing nuclear power as s ource of energy.  We are hearing claims that it is a renewable energy source, and that it doesn’t produce carbon emissions.  When this podcast was actually being recorded (there was snow on the ground,) the Minnesota Legislature was in session.  So, yes, that’s a while ago.  But this is still relevant, and will be for the future.  There’s no guest on this show, because I am interviewing Greg Laden, who is the co-host and has been working on the issue so he has some expertise.

Nuclear energy: How environmentally-friendly and safe is it?

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Approved by the NRC

The video on on the Minnesota Floor


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