Episode 32 – Electric Cars are Good

Episode 32 - Electric Cars are Good

Yes, it’s true, and our guests explain why.

Illustration of an electric car and power sources.
EVs and the environment

Phil Adam is an engineer who has quite likely affected your life directly.  If you ever go to buildings — school buildings, government buildings, commercial or industrial buildings — during the summer, and the air conditioner is on, there is a chance Phil designed the AC system for that structure.

Phil works in several areas of environmental and political activism. Phil is one of the key people responsible for assembling the thoughts and wishes of Minnesota Democrats across the state into a coherent platform of issues.  He is also on the board of directors of the DFL (democrats in MN) Environmental Caucus.

Brian Anderson grew up near the banks of the Wisconsin River, in Portage, Wisconsin, and earned a degree in electrical and computer engineering from the highly prestigious UW Madison.  He now lives in Minnesota where he enjoyed a storied career designing technologies used in automobile diagnostic and medical devices.

Both Phil and Brian have chosen to spend a huge amount of their free time spreading the word on electric vehicles.  As engineers, they have an understanding of the technology. Both Brian and Phil have an excellent sense of how to drag important concepts kicking and screaming out of the weedy rabbit holes they inhabit, into the open, to re-explain them and make them accessible to regular people.

For more information on NIO cards, check out this link to their manufacturer.  This is not an endorsement of a particular carmaker, but an example of how engineering continues to evolve to solve some of the perceived problems with commercial acceptance of electric vehicles.