Episode 29: Agro Ecology and Smart Farmers with Laurent Penet

Episode 29: Agro Ecology and Smart Farmers with Laurent Penet
Laurent Penet, PHD
Our Guest

In this wide-ranging episode, we explored ideas in agriculture on how to make it both more productive and ecologically friendly.  Our guest is Laurent Penet, PhD,  a researcher with the French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.  While we strayed from the initial question, we did cover a lot of ground on maintaining our ability to continue to produce food in the tropics and the temperate zones, how to encourage biodiversity by not killing all the weeds, why we need pollinators, and reiterated that farmers are great resources because they know the land they are working.

AgroEcology, an Overview

Honey Bee Haven in Minnesota

Introduction of Mongooses in the Caribbean for pest control

Ethanol Production in Minnesota

Forever Green Initiative

Laurent had warned us that the frogs may be loud, but they ended up being quiet.  So I made up for it by adding some to the beginning through an audio courtesy of ZapSplat.  “Happy Dance” by Mr. Smith is extracted for the intro, and the close is “A Song for Peace” by Siddhartha Corsus.  Legal notifications under the Creative Commons License. 

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