Episode 28: Fourteen questions with Ethan Siegel

Episode 28: Fourteen questions with Ethan Siegel
Ethan in one of his many costumes.
Ethan Siegel as an early telescopist.

We started with a list of twenty questions, but that turned out to be bigger than a breadbox (figuratively, meaning we ran out of time.)  And so we have fourteen questions related to phsyics and the universe in general.

Ethan Siegel is a primo science communicator, with a blog at Starts With a Bang, a podcast of his own of the same name, and articles that he has published in a diverse array of magazines.  He’s an enthusiastic interpreter of science, and we assure you there is no math required to listen to this podcast.

Starts With a Bang site and blog.

The Encyclopedia Cosmologica

Ethan’s book Beyond the Galaxy Link from Amazon, purchase supports Ikonokast.

We are using new bumper music. “Happy Dance” by Mr. Smith is extracted for the intro, and the close is “A Song for Peace” by Siddhartha Corsus.  Legal notifications under the Creative Commons License. 

3 Replies to “Episode 28: Fourteen questions with Ethan Siegel”

  1. The editor’s note at 47:09 was incorrect. Both Ethan and Gred correctly stated the speed of light in METERS PER SECOND (m/s) NOT KILOMETERS PER SECOND (km/s) as the editor oddly assumed is the only way to represent the value. You can say “I ran 10km today” or “I ran 10,000m today”. Both are equivalent in terms of distance. You should remove your unnecessary and invalid edit and re-post.

    1. I’ll listen to it again, but I was pretty sure they said kilometers, and delete the edit if so. Thanks for listening!

  2. I’ve deleted the edit and re-uploaded. I know how the metric system works, but I misheard them and thought they had said kilometers.

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