Episode 13 – Evidence for Democracy: Katie Gibbs

Episode 13 - Evidence for Democracy: Katie Gibbs

With the election of Donald Trump and the apparent takeover of most of the US by the anti-science Republican party, we thought we should turn to Canada for inspiration and ideas. Katie Gibbs tells us about Evidence for Democracy, which runs issue-based campaigns and educational projects that support well informed, fact-based, smart policy decisions by the government.

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  1. When I see statements like “anti-science Republican party” I immediately consider the article garbage. To make a blanket statement like that is ignorant. I’m a republican because I want smaller government, fiscal responsibility, immigration reform that is fair for the immigrants and the U.S., and adherence to the constitution of the United States. I also take science very seriously. One could also say the Democrats are the anti-science party by allowing people to claim there are 47 (or more) genders when science proves there are two. So get off your high horse, look in the mirror and realize your party is as much anti-science as the other party.

    1. I can certainly understand why you are bothered by that. But the truth is that the platform of the Republican Party of most states and the national party include planks that work against science: Climate Science Denial, Creationism, reducing the research budgets of universities, and even science foundations. This is why we refer to it as an “anti-science” party. There are many individual Republicans that are not anti-science, but you don’t seem to have much influence over what the party does when it gets to power. Science is hurting for funding and that can’t be blamed on Democrats, can it? Yes, there are non-scientific Democrats but they are not having much luck getting their resolutions added to the platforms. Finally, there are only two sexes, and multiple facets of gender expression. It’s important to understand the difference between gender and sex.

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