The Ikonokast

Google Iconoclast.

Sorry, we’ll do that for you.  An iconoclast destroys cherished beliefs.  Science is iconoclastic at its best, or at its worst, depending on your point of view. Science is a methodical process to answer questions in ways both surprising and inconvenient.  Science attacks common sense.  Science reveals tricks of nature in ways that economics and politics don’t find convenient, and in order to survive in our world then humans need to adapt our ways to the reality of nature.

We won’t survive long if we continue to insist that nature conform to our desires and cherished beliefs.


The topics and guests of this podcast explore the discoveries of nature and reality and we will discuss the implications of science on our politics, our economics and what we will probably need to do to adapt in order to survive.

Tune in.  There are always new ikons to kast aside.


Science breaks it down