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Evidence for Democracy – Katie Gibbs on Science Resisting

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

The new administration tried to silence federal scientists in ordering the official twitter accounts not to tweet. The administration of the 45th president sent out signals they were going to control the scientific message byscrubbing the government websites of mention of climate change. They nominated a secretary of education who has promoted schools which place a low priority on teaching evolution. In the last two episodes of Ikonokast we have talked about science and  as methods of inquiry that lead to better public policy decisions.

The executive and the legislative branch in the current government seem very much vested in not using what scientists have discovered while deciding policy. There have been very clear directives that they intend to ignore science in service to energy goals, education, industrial regulation and public health care.

Government Can’t Govern if They Don’t Know

Dr. Katie Gibbs
Dr. Katie Gibbs

Canadian scientists have experience with a government that placed economic needs in front of the realities that science was discovering. In response to censorship and political control of the Death of Evidence march in Ottawa led to the formation of a science advocacy group, Evidence for Democracy. For this episode, our guest is Dr. Katie Gibbs, a biologist and the executive director of Evidence for Democracy. This show is about the Canadian experience and what American scientists can do to keep science public in a hostile governmental environment.


The Experimental Lakes Area

The March for Science