Them’s Thinking Words – Dan Fincke Defends Philosophy

Dan Fincke

Have you noticed that the word “philosophy” is sometimes used in a derogatory way, especially when the conversation is about science? Like the tee-shirt that says, “Without engineers, science is just philosophy.”

Non scientists may not realize this but that which we would fairly call philosophy is usually part of science, even if it is sometimes called something else. Philosophy rests in the deepest levels of science, at the borders of science, in the zone between scientific thinking and public discourse, and yes, it can occasionally be found of by itself staring at an orange.

So, how do we situate science and philosophy in relation to each other, and what can philosophy do for us?

To address these epistemological questions, we spoke with Dan Fincke, who is a philosopher with many ties to and much experience in the skeptical, atheist, and broader scienceĀ vis-a-vis science.

Dan teaches philosophy in an unconventional way, though closely resembling the way philosophy was taught in ancient times, sans toga but with an internet connection. The details on the classes and the processes, and even a no obligation trial are at

Dan recommends the following books for your further edification:

Values and Vaccine Refusal: Hard Questions in Ethics, Epistemology, and Health Care, By Mark Navin

Moral Psychology: Free Will and Moral Responsibility, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, author and editor

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