Why Science?

Shawn Lawrence Otto
Shawn Lawrence Otto

This is the initial podcast of IkonoKast.  Our first guest is a writer who has done a great deal of work to support and encourage the advocacy of science for public policy.  Shawn Lawrence Otto is a screenwriter and novelist  His book Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America details the manner in which politicians have been attempting to ignore or diminish the role that science should play in the public discourse on policy.  He is a co-founder of ScienceDebate, which is the growing effort to engage candidates for the presidency of the United States in a debate for them to talk about science, specifically.

To introduce the show, Greg and Mike discuss science and what we want to achieve with the podcast.  What is science?  Why is it important?  How do interested parties who are not scientists discover which science is worth following and discard the pseudoscience when the media seem to report so poorly on topical issues of science?

Listen to the podcast, and please feel free to submit your feedback.

Shawn Otto adapted the screenplay for House Of Sand And Fog and recently published his first novel Sins of Our Fathers. Purchasing these products through the links helps to support Ikonokast.

20 thoughts on “Why Science?”

  1. Heya Mike and Greg,
    Excellent start for what we hope will be a long and successful science-related venture. Thanks for bringing Shawn Otto to our attention and planting the seed of another reliable resource for our edification. Looking forward to more episodes!

    Tark & family
    Scottsdale, AZ

    1. Justa, thanks, Mike can fix that later today. For now, use the link down below to go to Shawn’s other book, then click on his name, and that should get you to links to all of his books.

    1. Yes, I’m hearing that the outcome of the agreement, left on its own, would not achieve the intended result. Everything has to be ramped up.

      But yeah, a good beginning.


  2. Great show. Really enjoyed your interview with Shawn. He is an excellent source for denial counterpoints. Hope you check out my interview with Bill Nye and Corey Powell. Mynspr.org Best of luck to you.

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